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Recorded Sermons


Sermons  (Unless otherwise noted, all sermons are by Pastor Davis)


A Nation in Need of Repentance 6-23-13 Sunday A.M.

Back to Bethel

Do or Do Not, There is No Try 7-28-13 Sunday A.M.

He’ll Do It Again 7-14-13 Sunday A.M.

Hold Fast To Biblical Separation 4-3-16 Sunday A.M.

Hosanna! 3-24-13 Sunday A.M.

How to be a Better Child

If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again? 3-17-13 Sunday A.M.

In God We Trust 6-30-13 Sunday A.M.

I’ve Got Time

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!

No More Tomb Living 3-31-13 Sunday A.M.

Now is the Time

Our Debt to Our Fathers 6-16-13 Sunday A.M. Father’s Day


Spring Cleaning 4-7-13 Sunday A.M.

Structurally Sound 4-21-13 Sunday A.M.


The Dash Between the Dates 2-3-13 Sunday A.M.

The Laws of the Harvest 3-10-13 Sunday A.M.

The Loaves and the Fishes 8-4-13 Sunday A.M.

 The Napkin is Still Folded

The Prophets: Do They Live Forever? 6-9-13 Sunday A.M.

The Promise of His Coming

The Terrible Two’s (Bethel’s 2nd Anniversary) 4-14-13 Sunday A.M.

The Triumphal Entry

Then Shall We Know 2-24-13 Sunday A.M.

There’s More Than Water in His Well 3-23-14 Sunday A.M.

Time is Short … for Whom? 4-29-13 Sunday A.M.

Waffles VS. Pancakes

What is Revival? 7-21-13 Sunday A.M.

What To Do When You Do Not Know What To Do 2-17-13 Sunday A.M.


Your Biblical Bill of Rights 3-03-13 Sunday A.M.

6 Steps to Righteousness 2-10-13 Sunday A.M.